Agent creates theme and branding for Zoofari 2021.

Agent creates theme and branding for Zoofari 2021.

For the third time, Agent has been proud to be tasked by the Omaha Zoo Foundation to create the theme, branding and supporting materials for their bi-annual fundraising gala, Zoofari.  Coming in September, Zoofari will feature an immersive, branded environment that celebrates the many heroes, both inside and outside the Zoo, who make its global mission possible.  

Agent rolls out branding and advertising work for Monolith Materials.

Agent rolls out branding and advertising work for Monolith Materials.

Monolith Materials, an innovative chemical technology company headquartered in Nebraska and with facilities also in California, has created an absolutely breakthrough process that converts natural gas into carbon black and hydrogen — with no local greenhouse emissions. Carbon black, which is used in countless products from tires to plastics, is notorious for its negative environmental impact when produced. No longer. And the hydrogen produced by Monolith's process will be used for, among other things, the production of ammonia needed for fertilizer. Monolith's process will prevent the release of one million tons of greenhouse emissions each year. Agent has been proud to support this technology through branding and advertising work, including the launch of a new website.

Q3 Recap:  Agent launches multiple websites and digital campaigns, while wearing masks.

Q3 Recap: Agent launches multiple websites and digital campaigns, while wearing masks.

With third quarter just wrapped up, Agent had a great showing despite the challenges of remote working, Zoom meetings and general accommodations to the pandemic reality. For Branded Feed (a business segment of Cargill), Agent launched websites for the Sweet Bran + RAMP and OneTrak feed brands, serving the cattle and dairy industries, while also developing digital campaigns for those brands. See that work here and here.  Concurrently with that, Agent launched a new website and ad campaign for Monolith Materials, an innovative technology and chemical company you'll be hearing big news about soon. In Q3, Agent also continued work on a number of brand initiatives for Barkman Honey (more about that soon, too.)  And finally, Agent was proud to launch a new problem gambling treatment campaign for the State of the Nebraska. Go here to see that work.

New Bee Harmony TV spot runs in Midwest markets.

New Bee Harmony TV spot runs in Midwest markets.

With our partners at Barkman Honey, Agent recently created a new TV and pre-roll retail spot promoting Bee Harmony Honey, now running in various markets in the Midwest. Also supported by a digital and social campaign, the spot touts the bee-advocacy efforts of the Beesponsible initiative, the overall brand umbrella that includes Bee Harmony. The spot was created by the Agent team working remotely, in tandem with our animation and sound design partners. Click here to see the work.

Results for Bet Careful campaign continue to climb.

Results for Bet Careful campaign continue to climb.

One of Agent's most effective digital campaigns continues to produce impressive results, even as the campaign enters its third year. Over the past several months, the "Bet Careful" campaign created for Nebraska's Gamblers Assistance Program has been bringing between 2,300 and 3,000 unique visitors to each month. Consisting of behaviorally-targeted display and pre-roll, the campaign aims to raise awareness of and prevent gambling addiction. It also serves as a reminder of the power of a simple idea, an on-target insight and a smart media strategy. Click here to see some of the work.

Agent begins branding work for Monolith Materials.

Agent begins branding work for Monolith Materials.

Monolith™ Materials is one of the most exciting and transformational companies ever to make its home in Nebraska.  A next-generation chemical company that believes technology will create the path to a cleaner world, Monolith has developed a highly innovative process to convert the abundant resource of natural gas into the vital materials needed by a number of products and industries — in a way that is cleaner, sustainable and environmentally responsible. Monolith has partnered with Agent to help develop its brand messaging, voice, standards and overall brand communications system. Visit the website for more background on Monolith and its technology.

Zoofari 2019 sets new fundraising record.

Zoofari 2019 sets new fundraising record.

The Omaha Zoo’s bi-annual Zoofari fundraising gala set a new record this year, raising $2.8 million earmarked for the zoo's new Sea Lion Shores immersive exhibit. Held on September 13, the event was supported by creative branding work by Agent. This included the event theme,  program video, signage, donor’s brochure, invitation and underwriters package. In addition to the Sea Lion Shores exhibit, which will recreate the wooded coast of The Pacific Northwest and feature nose-to-nose experiences with sea lions, funds raised by the event also support the zoo's efforts in conservation, education and animal care.

Beesponsible website experience continues to expand.

Beesponsible website experience continues to expand.

For the last several years, one of Agent's favorite tasks has been helping build the brand for the Beesponsible® movement, an initiative by Barkman Honey to celebrate the deep connection shared between bees and humans — and to promote responsible actions that support the wellbeing of these vital pollinators. To help enhance that mission, Agent has recently completed a new expansion of the Beesponsible website, including many new educational features, new ways for people to advocate for bees on the national and local level, a more robust online store for Bee Harmony® Honey (available at Whole Foods  and other national retailers), a new honey traceability tool and much more.

Agent rebrands another Lincoln legend.

Agent rebrands another Lincoln legend.

Yia Yia's, the legendary Lincoln eatery and home to amazing world-cuisine pizzas and definitive selection of global beers, turned to Agent to refresh its branding to coincide with the opening of an additional location on Lincoln's east side. This marks our latest brand refresh of local culinary icons, which started with our brand update for Le Quartier French Bakery, one of the true jewels of the Lincoln/Omaha food scene. Agent also created the brand for Ginger, the pan-Asian grill that has become a Lincoln favorite. Check out all of our work for Yia Yia's, and Le Quartier

Q1 Recap: Agent launches new work for Cargill, moves to new HQ, begins run-up to Zoofari 2019.

Q1 Recap: Agent launches new work for Cargill, moves to new HQ, begins run-up to Zoofari 2019.

The first quarter of 2019 was busy. In partnership with Cargill, Agent created the name, logo and initial brand campaign for a new, sustainable feed ingredient for the commercial shrimp industry — Motiv. At the same time, Agent refreshed the brand for Empyreal 75, another sustainable feed ingredient from Cargill for the fish industry. See the work for these brands here and here.  And if that wasn't enough, Agent moved into new offices in the Canopy Row Building in the south Haymarket. While the boxes were still being unpacked, we kicked off preparations once again for the Omaha Zoo's big Zoofari fundraising event, set for this September. More to come on this soon. 

Cargill division chooses Agent for branding and advertising work.

Cargill division chooses Agent for branding and advertising work.

The division of Cargill that creates branded and designed feed products for large animal producers has chosen Agent to work on a number of branding projects. These include the naming and brand development of a new, high-energy feed ingredient for the shrimp industry, and a refreshed brand campaign for Empyreal 75, a sustainable protein ingredient for aquaculture feed producers, primarily serving salmon and other fish species. In addition to logo and brand development, Agent is also creating multi-channel advertising campaigns, video, collateral and other brand promotion elements. New work will be rolling out soon.

Agent lets community know that hazardous waste “Haz to Go.”

Agent lets community know that hazardous waste “Haz to Go.”

Working with the City of Lincoln and Lancaster County Environmental Public Health Division, and spending several months gaining insights from research and focus groups, Agent created and launched the "Haz to Go" campaign. This initiative promotes the usage of the city's new hazardous waste collection center, focusing on convenience and safety, and has rolled out with a targeted mobile, digital and outdoor ad campaign, along with social media support. See the work here. 

Digital campaigns show impressive results.  Five new clients join the roster.

Digital campaigns show impressive results. Five new clients join the roster.

Agent has created and launched multiple digital campaigns for our clients in the first five months of 2018, and the numbers have been impressive. Click-through rates (CTRs) for online display have been three times the industry average. Mobile CTRs have been almost double the industry average. And video, five times the average. For our “Bet Careful” campaign for the Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program, pre-roll video completion rates have been 63%. Results like this get noticed. In the past few months, Agent has welcomed five new clients, representing health care, automotive aftermarket, enterprise software and an upcoming initiative with the Lincoln/Lancaster Health Department. More on that later as we roll out the work.

Beesponsible kicks off #dontkillmybuzz campaign.

Beesponsible kicks off #dontkillmybuzz campaign.

Agent is providing creative support for the new #dontkillmybuzz initiative, designed to shine a light on declining bee populations and the actions people can take to reverse that trend. A partnership between our client Beesponsible and the National Wildlife Federation, #dontkillmybuzz aims to raise $100,000 to support bee-friendly, pesticide-free gardening and other conservation efforts. In addition to the National Wildlife Federation, celebrity influencers are also being engaged to spread the word about bees. Want to help? Just pitch in right here.

The New Year brings new brand and campaign roll-outs.

The New Year brings new brand and campaign roll-outs.

In January, Agent launched a comprehensive awareness campaign in partnership with the Nebraska Gamblers Assistance Program, a state-funded program that pays for confidential counseling for Nebraskans and their families who suffer a gambling problem or disorder.  Themed “Bet Careful,” the campaign focuses on starting conversations around the risks inherent in gambling, often perceived as a harmless activity. See the work here.  This month also saw the launch of our rebrand for CBSHome Real Estate, a Berkshire Hathaway company, and one of the leading realty companies in Nebraska. The rebrand coincided with their 20th anniversary.

The Beesponsible movement launches.

The Beesponsible movement launches.

A true labor of love came to fruition with the recent launch of the Beesponsible® brand, a movement created to celebrate the deep connection shared between bees and humans – and to promote responsible actions that support the wellbeing of these important pollinators. Beesponsible is supported through a comprehensive educational website, featuring an immersive 3-D experience that lets users explore the lifecycle, behaviors and anatomy of the honeybee.  Agent’s work included everything from branding and packaging to web development and digital advertising.  See some of the work here

Zoofari 2017 breaks records.

Zoofari 2017 breaks records.

Months of work and planning all came together on Friday, September 15, as Zoofari 2017 finally arrived – and over-delivered on its already high expectations. The premier fundraising event of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, the Zoofari 2017 “Night of the Tiger” supported the Zoo’s upcoming Asian Highlands exhibit. With cheetahs, penguins, giant turtles and countless philanthropic humans in attendance, the event substantially exceeded its fundraising goals. Agent was proud to contribute the creative theme and branding for the event, including videos, event signage and invitations. See the work here.

Agent wins big in international logo competition.

Agent wins big in international logo competition.

The Graphis Logo Annual 9 has been released, with Agent tied as the second-most awarded agency in this prestigious international logo-design competition.  Agent received awards for ten logos, representing a variety of our clients, including Khrome Werks, Ginger, Le Quartier and Naked Wild Honey, one of the brands we work on for Barkman Honey.  Agent is proud to be able to represent Nebraska and the Midwest on the international design stage with world-class logo and identity development.

Four new clients join the Agent roster; new campaign rolls out for Lincoln Chrome.

Four new clients join the Agent roster; new campaign rolls out for Lincoln Chrome.

Second quarter typically starts off fast. This year, even more so.  Agent welcomes four new clients to the family, including a branding project for a beverage line, and rebrands for a technology startup, retail chain and regional construction company.  More details coming when the work is unveiled, so stay tuned.  We are also excited to roll out “Run American,” the new brand idea for Lincoln Chrome, a division of Lincoln Industries, celebrating the 100% American-Made quality and engineering of the premier line of exhausts and accessories for the proud American trucker.

Agent wins the most Gold Addy Awards in Nebraska.

Agent wins the most Gold Addy Awards in Nebraska.

Agent had a big night at the 2017 Nebraska Addy Awards show on February 18. For the second year in a row, Agent brought home the most Gold Addy Awards, at 16, for such clients as the Omaha Zoo Foundation, Barkman Honey, Khrome Werks and Encompass. The agency also racked up the most awards overall, and snagged a Judge’s Citation for work done for the Lincoln Boys Choir.

Agent launches Zoofari campaign and Adopt-an-Animal rebrand for the Omaha Zoo Foundation, welcomes new clients and team member.

Agent launches Zoofari campaign and Adopt-an-Animal rebrand for the Omaha Zoo Foundation, welcomes new clients and team member.

Agent starts the new year with the rollout of the “Night of the Tiger” campaign for the Omaha Zoo’s Zoofari fundraising gala in support of the new Asian Highlands exhibit. This follows our recent launch of the “Be a ZooMama/Be a ZooDaddy” rebrand of the zoo’s adopt-an-animal program. Agent also welcomes several new clients including the Porsche Club of America and Lincoln Chrome (a division of Lincoln Industries). We are also excited to welcome new brand manager MacKenzie Jobes to the Agent team.